Why do I need a real estate agency?

Why do I need a real estate agency?

Most clients start looking for a property to buy at some point in their lives. Either for their own home, or as an investment.

When one begins to get into the real estate world for the first time, usually start looking for properties in the area you are interested in through Google, and various platforms. We compare properties, prices and characteristics of the properties themselves.

Between bad photos, seeing 50 times the same property from different bidders and confusing descriptions, one begins to question whether it is possible to find a property without going crazy. When you finally decide on 5-6 properties that you might like, you decide to call the owners. Between the facts that half of them don't take it and some of the others say that the house is currently rented and that's why you can't visit it, you end up fixing visits in two of the properties and most of the times you don't get to a good end.

The solution is a real estate agency, you will avoid wasting time.

Most people do not know that the cost of a real estate agent in Mallorca is borne by the owner of the property in 99% of the cases. So why not take advantage of the service of a real estate professional to buy the property.

Which real estate agent do I need?

Always look for a local real estate agency with agents in the area specialized in what you want to buy (the same applies when you want to sell a property in Mallorca).

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