Mallorca is very well known. Sun and beach tourism, rest and relaxation are its main protagonists during the summer months.

The island is a paradise in the hot months, although it remains so when winter arrives and temperatures drop.

There are many alternative plans to do at that time, such as visiting museums. The island has many of them. Each one has its own particular characteristics; from the building to the art form.

In addition, all of them take into account the linguistic needs of each one since all the texts that we find during the tour are in several languages.

Some of the most representative are Es Baluard, the Fundació Miró Mallorca and, if we want to go closer, the Museu de Pollença, an old convent that was converted into a museum.

Today, we can get an idea through their social networks and / or virtual tours.

Many people are unaware that Mallorca encompasses a large number of museums, but all those who have given them a chance have enjoyed the experience to the fullest.