Easter Week in Pollensa

Easter Week in Pollensa

The calendar is in charge of marking the great holiday  of   Easter !

Enjoying Easter in Pollensa means enjoying sunny, placid days,   special times to enjoy a town that is waking up after the winter.

In spring, due to the moderate number of visitors, Pollensa is a perfect place to stay, discover and enjoy a few days of rest. The temperature is ideal for strolling around the town neighbourhoods and corners, getting to know its most deeply-rooted traditions and the way the locals live and enjoy .

Here at Living Pollebsa we recommend three things to do in Pollensa this Easter:
Get closer to the tradition of Holy Week

Easter Week can be something very striking and picturesque for visitors from outside Spain.

Celebrations in which sobriety and religion are combined with folklore and roots. Days of celebration and tradition.

What not to miss?

- Thursday the procession, Good Friday and the re-enactment of the Passion of Christ on the steps of the Calvary, Easter Sunday and the joyful 'Procession of the Holy Meeting' .

Do you enjoy swimming in crystal clear, calm and semi-deserted waters? April is probably the month of choice for those who love the first swim of the year.

Empty beaches, calm waters and the ideal temperature to wake up and shake our bodies.

We are waiting for you!