Easter in Pollensa, Mallorca.

Easter  is already here.
For Pollensa it is a very special date, Friday 25th of March one of the most important religious ceremonies of Easter in Mallorca will be celebrated in Pollensa old town.
The so-called “Davallament “, consists of unfailing a carving of Christ from the cross and leading it down the steps from the Calvary in a silent procession lit only by torches.
Its origin dates back to the middle Ages, the time of the Knights Templar.
The 13th-century carving of Jesus Christ is carried down from the Oratory of the Calvary, located on a hill, in the silence of the night upon sunset and led to the Mare de Déu dels Ángels Church. The characteristic image of this ceremony are the 365 steps flanked by cypress trees..
If you are in Mallorca during Easter, we strongly recommend visiting the impressive processions of the island and especially this event in Pollensa.
The solemnest among the torches and the silent march are perceived as tragic, yet beautiful sensations, don’t miss this chance to assist one of these traditional event.

Maundy Thursday - Pollença - March 24, 2016
19.00 h - Mass, Parish Church of Pollença.
21.00 h - Procession, Pollença.
Route of the procession: Antoni Maura, plaça Major, Mercat, Jonquet, Metge Sureda, Sant Jordi, Costa i Llobera, Monti-sion, Jesús, Joan Guiraud, Mallorca, abeurador de Sant Isidre, Roser vell, Convent de Sant Domingo, Antoni Maura.

Good Friday - Pollença - March 25, 2016
19:00 - Liturgical Action of the Passion and Death of the Lord, Parish Church of Pollença.
21.00 h - Jesus Descent from the Cross, Calvari, Pollenca
21.15 h - Procession "El Devallament", Calvari, Pollenca.

Easter Sunday - Pollença - March 27, 2016
11.30 h - Procession, Plaça Major, Pollença. Then, in the Parish Church of Pollença, Solemn Mass.

Easter Monday - Pollença - March 28, 2016
Puig de Maria's Day
All events will be held in the Puig de Maria
11.30 - Children's party.
12.30 h - Solemn Mass at the Puig de Maria Sanctuary

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