Easter in Mallorca, Pollensa.

Celebrating Easter in Mallorca, Pollensa.

Semana Santa in Mallorca, Pollensa offers lots to do and see.

Religious Celebrations

Holy Week is celebrated 6th  to 10th of April, filled with traditional rituals and processions to mark the Passion of Christ.

Holy Thursday: Thousands line the streets of Pollensa to watch the solemn  processions of the parish brotherhoods or ‘cofradias’ that make their way painfully slowly around the town streets. Each brotherhood is dressed in penitential robes and conical hoods, and carries religious statues on heavy platforms, to the accompaniment of sombre music.

Good Friday: The re-enactment of the Passion of Christ takes place on the steps of the Calvari.Thousands watch the re-enactment of the Descent from the Cross (devallament) when a figure of Christ is carried down the 365 Calvari steps.

Easter Sunday: The joyful 'Procession of the Meeting' marks the reunion of the resurrected Jesus with his mother. A group of men carry a statue of Jesus towards a group of women bearing a statue of the Virgin Mary. The latter’s joy is represented by bobbing the statue up and down.

Easter on Mallorca, Pollens is an excellent time to get involved with the local customs and witness something completely different!

Gastronomy during Easter in Mallorca

There are a number of sweet and savoury foods which make a special appearance in Mallorca's bakeries at Easter. The 'panades' are pasties which are traditionally filled with skinny meat; although also found of cuttlefish, fish, chicken and peas.

Sweet pastries include the 'robiols', filled with either an apricot jam, chocolate,  or  'cabell d'àngel'. The 'crespells' are sold throughout the year, but are a particularly common feature at Easter.

They are best prepared with Mallorcan ingredients, such as olive oil, pork lard and Sóller oranges.  For many locals, Easter wouldn't be the same without these flavours.

Happy Easter!