Christmas is just around the corner and the celebrations are many: Christmas Eve, New year's Eve, the Three Kings  or Santa Claus... Surely you will also participate with some friends or family in games like "The Invisible Friend".

We want you to know how this beautiful island is like over the Christmas holidays.

Every country has its own history, culture and of course, traditions and after inviting you to read about what these are here in Mallorca.

After Christmas’ Eve, on the 24th and having lunch with the family on the 25th, one of things here in Mallorca is that the 26th of December is also a holiday. This means even more nice food and drinks, spending some serious family time and letting the children play with their new toys for another extra day.

Another important Majorcan tradition takes place on New Year’s Eve. We are talking about the lucky grapes. This tradition obliges everyone to eat 12 grapes at the same time as the clock is striking to welcome the new year with good luck!!

Moving on, one of the most important dates on the calendar is the 5th of January. On the eve before the Three Kings pay a visit to every kids’ home, a spectacular parade takes place in Palma and a couple of other cities. The Three Kings parade in Palma is the one that is worth enjoying, as the Three Kings arrive to the city’s port escorted by a long and varied crowd of floats bringing joy  to the children waiting impatient on the streets. This is a magical time for families in Palma, Mallorca and we would definitely recommend you to be a part of it if you’re around!