Sant Antoni Festivitie in Pollensa.

Sant Antoni  Festivitie in Pollensa.

Blessings, torrades, ximbombas, bonfires and climbing a 20 metre tree are all things you may witness in Pollensa during  Sant Antoni.

After Christmas and the cavalcades of the Three Kings, one of the most popular festivals arrives in Pollensa: Sant Antoni Festivities, which excites masses in towns such as Sa Pobla ,Manacor or Artà.

In Pollensa, on the evening before January 17, many big bonfires are lit in memory of Saint Antoni.

 San Antonio Abad is the protector of the animals.  Therefore pets are blessed at  the popular beneïdes (blessings) celebrated on the 18th.

Pine tree tradition;  It’s been going on for  years and ‘El pi de Sant Antoni’ is so etched in tradition that many come from across the island to see the chosen Pine in Ternelles, enjoy the communal barbecue and help bring it back to the town before someone climbs to the top to release the basket of confetti and take home their chicken .

Come and enjoy this traditional fiesta with us!