Easter celebrations from one of our holiday villas, houses or apartmens in Pollensa.

Enjoy the Easter celebrations from one of our holiday villas, houses or apartmens in Pollensa.

During the Easter celebrations Our holiday villas, townhouses or apartments in Pollensa are the perfect starting point for enjoying a Pollensa, Mallorcan Easter. The municipality of Pollensa welcomes one of the most stand out celebrations and offers an ample variety of choices available for you to enjoy Easter.

The “Davallament del Calvari”, one of the most spectacular processions on the island;  One of the most popular events is the Good Friday procession, known as the “Davallament del Calvari”, it is also one of the most unique in Mallorca. The procession descends down the 365 steps of Calvari lit only by the flame of candles and torches.

On Good Friday, after sun down, the procession of “Davallament” is held, where Christ is hung up on the cross before the chapel and is taken to the church of the Mare de Déu dels Àngels, in the centre of the town.

The gastronomy of a Mallorcan Easter; During Easter, Mallorcan families traditionally prepare and eat “panades” and “robiols”, the panades are small pasties  that can be filled with meat, fish or vegetables. The robiols are a small sweet pastry, which are usually filled with jams, angel hair squash or even chocolate.

The resurrection; On Resurrection Sunday in Pollensa there is an eye catching procession. The celebration is known as the procession of the finding and is held during the morning. It represents the meeting of the Virgin Mary and her son Jesus Christ after being resuscitated. The two images of the main stars can be seen again in front of the town hall in Pollensa.

Puig de María; The Puig de Maria is the mound located in front of the town of Pollensa, on the other side of the town’s main road. The Monday before resurrection Sunday, the monastery of Puig de Maria and its neighbours welcome a “pancaritat”. It is a meal of the brotherhood where the neighbours of the town share the dishes that they have prepared over Easter and are enjoyed with music and traditional dances.

Our holiday properties in Pollensa are the best option for enjoying Easter in Pollensa, Mallorca.

As you can see, Pollensa offers various options for you to enjoy Easter and the various stand out activities of the Mallorcan Easter and revel in the pleasant Mediterranean climate of our island .